Please briefly introduce yourself:
I am currently a student at UC Berkeley studying Applied Mathematics.

When were you a student at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
I was a student at CAL EDU from Spring 2020 to Spring 2022.

Which colleges were you accepted to?

Which college did you choose to attend?
UC Berkeley

What was your major?
Applied Mathematics

What do you do now?
I have been studying and researching at UC Berkeley as I am considering to attend a
graduate school after I graduate.

How did you first learn about ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
One of my father’s acquaintances introduced CAL EDU to us.

What do you remember most about your student life at ESL Lab / CC2UC /
CAL Edu??

The first memory that popped up in my head was actually our weekly house cleaning
session. While it was tedious and bothersome back then, it helped me foster positive

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while you were a student at
ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?

I learned a way to make changes in my life and become a better person. While I am
currently interested in math and pursuing my dream in the academic field, I am aware
that things can change. However, even when I encounter unexpected circumstances, I
believe I can find a breakthrough. Also, I know I can challenge myself and improve the
skills that I lack. When it comes to communication skills, I do think that there is a lot of
space I could improve on. Here, I can make positive changes and become a better
communicator in the future.

What have you gained (skills, habits, advice… etc) from ESL Lab / CC2UC /
CAL Edu?

I learned how to plan tasks properly and manage my life.

What have you lost (bad habits, old beliefs, limiting beliefs) while you were a
student at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?

I stopped being too stubborn and started to listen to other people’s opinions.

Who / Where / What were you just before you began your journey with ESL
Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?

I was a high schooler in Busan, South Korea preparing for med school without having
clear ideas of what I really want to do in the future. I also had a lot of bad habits that
made me face several difficulties.

What was your motivation behind your decision to join ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL

I wanted to study in a place where all the chances are open and where I could expose
myself to different cultures.

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before starting
your journey at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu, what would it be?

Trust the teachers.

What advice do you have for students who are thinking about studying at
ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?

CAL EDU is a place where you can learn how to become a better person. While you can
learn a lot academically at CAL EDU, I think the biggest advantage of studying at CAL
EDU is that you will have a lot of chances to think about your life and passion.

How has your experience at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu helped you in your
current career?

Being able to fully express my ideas in English is helping me a lot in my social life and

Would you recommend ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu to others? Why or why

I will definitely recommend CAL EDU. If one can endure the hardships in CAL EDU, I am
sure that one can succeed in the future.

What are the most important skills that you use in your current job?
Time management skill

What do you think would have happened, or where would you be now, if you
had not made the decision to join ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?

I will be attending university in South Korea, but I would neither be a great student nor
a friend.

Can you recall any specific moment or event that happened while you were
at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu you cannot forget?

I cannot forget a bbq party we had in the garage when I was living in Oceanside with
Jeff, Erin, Dohyun, Byungmin, and Jacob.