Please briefly introduce yourself
My name is Chaeeun Lee, and I recently graduated cum laude from UCLA with a B.A. in sociology. I am currently taking a gap year to prepare for dental/medical school in Korea

When were you a student at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?

Which colleges were you accepted to?
UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Irvine

Which college did you choose to attend?

What was your major?

What do you do now?
prepping for pre-health post-bacc programs/medical schools

How did you first learn about ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
From my parents

What do you remember most about your student life at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu??
Waking up at 5am to prep for presentations and finish assignments

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while you were a student at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
Hard work always pays off

What have you gained (skills, habits, advice… etc) from ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
I was able to improve my presentation skills, writing, as well as time management stratagies.

What have you lost (bad habits, old beliefs, limiting beliefs) while you were a student at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
I learned to stop procrastinating for assignments and exams

Who / Where / What were you just before you began your journey with ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
I was considering attending high school in America

What was your motivation behind your decision to join ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
I wanted to expedite my academic journey and become a college student as soon as possible

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before starting your journey at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu, what would it be?
Be patient and persistent, and spend more time exercising

What advice do you have for students who are thinking about studying at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
Always believe in yourself, and keep yourself motivated after getting accepted to UCs

How has your experience at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu helped you in your current career?
My experience at CC2UC has helped me improve academically and made me become a more responsible person, which will help me in whatever path I choose in the future.

Would you recommend ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu to others? Why or why not?
I would recommend CC2UC to others; CC2UC helps students with personal development and academic improvement. The program will help you prepare for the fast-paced quarter system at UCs

What are the most important skills that you use in your current job?
I believe time management and communication skills are the most important in any career.

What do you think would have happened, or where would you be now, if you had not made the decision to join ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu?
I would’ve graduated from high school in Korea or taken the Korean GED to prepare for medical schools in Korea.

Can you recall any specific moment or event that happened while you were at ESL Lab / CC2UC / CAL Edu you cannot forget?
When I was awarded three academic scholarships while attending MiraCosta College